For tourist traffic, Asia has never been a lonely or a mediocre option; there are numerous countries in Asia whose beauty will literally sweep you off your feet. Where Japan is mostly known for its people and anime, the beauty of Tokyo is something that is absolutely not to be missed; this city is a dream, a beautiful magical dream wanting to come true.

Japan is all about its cultural heritage and religious beliefs, with over nineteen world heritage sites and shrines that attract many visitors from all around the globe. Sightseeing is also like a tradition in Japan that gets quite religiously followed from the people, and as the busy capital of Japan- Tokyo– leaves in no exception, and with that there are hundreds of things that you can do and enjoy while your stay in Tokyo, Japan.

Famous attractions:

  • Meiji Shrine
  • Roppongi
  • Tsukiji fish market
  • Ueno park
  • Tokyo Imperial Palace
  • Ghibli Museum
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • More Tokyo travel tips

Things to do in Tokyo:

  1. Roppongi Hills: Even over a decade old, this establishment has managed to carry its reputation and standard above for years. Home to museums, structures, a park to walk in and many other activities, this place attracts visitors from all around.
  2. Meiji Shrine: This shrine is one of the wonders of Japan dedicated to the history of emperors of the country in the past, many people come to see the traditional weddings that often happen on weekends on this shrine, it is a wonderful site to see with Japanese people dressed in their best attire clicking photos and making memories.
  3. Tokyo Tower: So if you think that you can only see the Eiffel Tower while in Paris, you’re wrong; the Japanese people have their own way of replicating the establishment. The Tokyo Tower is the remake of the Eiffel Tower in red and white color. You could say that the whole of Tokyo is united under this development attracting tourists to come and explore. But always be aware of pickpockets because crowded places invite thefts and muggers.
  4. Ghibli Museum: This wonderful creation is inspired by animated movies with wizards and witches and there are also shopping stores, small cafes, and bookshops from where you can shop. Photography is strictly prohibited inside, so if you’re up for some scary animated adventure, this place is a definite yes.
  5. Tsukiji Fish market: Japan is also known for its love for seafood, which is why you should definitely try out visiting the Tsukiji Fish market in Tokyo that has a wide variety of all the seafood you can imagine, you name it you have it. The fish aroma is so irresistible that your taste buds will forcefully make you try out the delight.

So whatever the case, if you’re visiting Tokyo in the near future, pack your bags for an adventure that should surely not be missed. If you’re adamant at making this trip the best of your life then you should totally try out the things listed above.

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