London is everyone’s favourite and we all love to get spoiled with its adventures. Form cultural taste to its modern touch, London is everyone’s favourite! Exploring is more fun when you have done with all the homework.   London is a treasure trove of brilliant days out and activities worth boasting about. So let the journey of exploring the renowned and everyone’s favourite city begin.

Exciting late-night animal visit at London Zoo:

A visit to London Zoo and its exciting inhabitants has been a must for animal lover since it was first opened to the public in 1847. Nowadays it gives an extra particular experiences for all those who wish to have a little closer look to the wildlife. Visitors can stay all night in the houses which are designed specifically for a brilliant experience. So you can stay all night in the house with your friends and enjoy the time by telling stories to all.

Skate at everyone’s favourite Somerset House:

The grand 18th-century courtyard that is home to Somerset House’s ice rink which gives a stunning location for a skating session this season – and, no worry how novel your skills, a visit to this 900-square-metre outdoor rink will look the explanation of festive fun on Instagram. Go take a spin and enjoy your vacation!

The Royale:

US writer Marco Ramirez’s play is a fictionalised but philosophically perfect description of the rise of Jack Johnson (1878-1948), the first African-American heavyweight champion of the world, and the first black man to be permitted  to box for that title. Returning back for a second year, ‘The Royale’ is a real knockout, particularly at The Tabernacle, which continues to host the amateur boxing matches today. So visit the Royale and experience the best of matches.

March towards the London Zoo:

Head towards the London Zoo this Tuesday for a public discussion on how our daily decisions affect the habitats globally. The discussion raises the questions about what consumers can do to make the environment friendlier instead of waiting for the governments to act. The debate is free and open for all, but you can also buy tickets for dinner with the panel after the talk. The main question is themed with the question “Can I protect the planet?” Well, you can!

Hyde Park fun:

The Grinch would have a real job stealing all the Christmas from Hyde Park’s great tribute to festive fun. Entry is free of cost so you can enjoy your Christmas season with total fun.  The thrilling rides for everyone has no match.

Time for some yummy dishes:

  • Try beef ribs and bone marrow mash
  • You are not allowed to miss the beef ribs with the combination of bone marrow mash. The yummiest dish is must try for your London trip.
  • Seriously finger-licking’ good — you’ll have to tongue-bathe your fingers to clear the every last taste of that yummy sweet, and hot soy and garlic sauce. We won’t mind if you try licking the wrapper as well because its taste will drive you crazy!
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