History and culture of a place is what captivates the mind, having to visit that country, enjoy their traditional foods, dancing to their music, interacting with their people is something that brings so much life to you as a person, as a free soul. Italy is known for its history and cultural heritage, and of course pizza! But if you want to visit a specific city in such a beautiful country, Florence is the one. It is an excellent place for all the geeky hearts and historic minds, so pack yourself up for an adventure.

Tourism is a very significant part of Florence’s economy, with major tourist spots attracting almost the entire world to come and explore the rather enthralling history and ancient artifacts of Italy. So, let’s take a trip down to Florence, shall we?

Famous spots in Florence:

  1. Florence Cathedral
  2. Uffizi Gallery
  3. Palazzo Pitti
  4. David, Michelangelo
  5. Bargello
  6. Boboli Gardens
  7. Santo Spirito

Things to do in Florence:

  • Duomo and Bell Tower: If you’re a fast walker, you should definitely climb the Duomo and Bell Tower in Florence which has 476 stairs and see the entire city from the top. This is one of the world’s more famous architectural wonders, old, interesting and adventurous.
  • Gelato: Florence is said to be the birth place of Gelato, so it’s time to give your sweet tooth a new twist. Go have all the desserts and ice creams like there is no tomorrow!
  • Uffizi Gallery: This is one of the oldest art museums located in Florence, established in 1581; this has been a historically visited famous attraction for all tourists. So go and take a trip down the history of Italy eyeing all valuable artifacts and imagine what it would have been like in the past.
  • David, Michelangelo: David is a marble structure made by Michelangelo which is of a male nude. The statue represents a biblical hero, David and is located at Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence. Many replicas of this statue are in many parts of Italy.
  • Boboli Gardens: This is the name of a mesmerizing part in Florence full of sculptures and statues, all that have a historic meaning and significance. All these masterpieces are dating from the 16th to 18th centuries, with some Roman antiquities. Photographing in front of these pieces, many people enjoy having a look around and on average spend at least one hour admiring the detailed work on each statue.
  • Piazza di Santo Spirito: After a tough day out in the sun roaming the lively streets of Florence, all you need is a shot of the finest drinks of Italy in Piazza di Santo Spirito, which is the happiest, liveliest bar that you will find in the vicinity. So relax, have a drink there before sleeping peacefully at night.

Florence is all about learning, experience, adventure and fun; so don’t miss out this combination of adrenaline rush while in the city of art and culture.

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